Onyx Alloy Refurbs


Skoda Alloy Wheel Refurbishment & Diamond Cutting


Skoda car owners expect a quick, effective, top quality alloy wheel repair. Onyx Alloys have a reputation for providing a quality refurb, and a friendly service.

Onyx Alloys provide a premium alloy wheel refurb service. We cater for both machined or polished rim repairs and give a full alloy wheel repair service for scuffed or scratched alloy wheels. Take a look at our wheel gallery below to see how we have helped other customers get their wheels back to showroom condition.

We offer a range of Skoda Alloy Wheel Repair services including:

  • Alloy Wheel Repair
  • Diamond-cut Alloy Wheels
  • Skoda alloy wheel Crack Repair
  • Alloy Wheel Colour-coding
  • Alloy Wheel Split Rims
  • Skoda Alloy Wheel Polished Rims
  • Skoda Alloy Wheel Powder-coating
  • Lease Hire Return Preparation

Skoda Alloy Wheel Repair

We commonly repair alloys on the following models Fabia (6Y), Fabia (5J), Octavia (1U), Octavia (1Z), Roomster (5J), Superb (3T), Superb (3U) and Yeti (5L) of Skoda. But we work on all makes and models.


1. wheels arrive

Your wheels arrive at the Onyx Alloy Refurbs HQ in Slough for alloy wheel repair refurbishment. Tyres and alloys are separated and tagged individually to ensure the same alloys are attached to the same tyres on completion of refurbishment.

2. acid bath

Alloys are then placed in our acid bath for the full removal of existing paint and primers. The alloys are then closely inspected for all damage including hidden damage that may appear as cracks or previous filler.

3. repair and refurbishment

The repair and refurbishment of your alloy wheels starts. Deep damage is welded and re-shaped, once completed the alloy wheels are sand blasted and repaired.

4. pre-heated

After the repair has taken place and the alloy wheels are pre-heated, we apply a powder-coated primer and then continue to apply heat to cure. Once cured we apply powdered colour at this stage and then diamond cut to match the original oem finish.

5. lacquered with powder

Alloys are then lacquered with power and return to the oven for a final cure. After the alloy wheels have cooled, we conduct a quality control check. New valves and types are fitted and we then re-balance the wheels.

Our Team

Our team of professionals are highly qualified with many years of experience in alloy wheel repair and refurbishment. The quality and service we provide is of the highest and we ensure each set of alloys look their absolute best once we’ve completed our process.


Please reach us at 01753 439327 or info@onyxperformance.co.uk if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Onyx Alloy Refurbs have many customer in Maidenhead that travel to our workshop in Slough. We are an alloy wheel refurbishment centre that specialises in using the latest cutting and cleaning technology for refurbishing alloy wheels.

Our experienced team offers a range of services including diamond cutting, powder coated wheel refurbishment and a full customisation facility. This comes with a 72 hour turnaround (subject to condition) a collection and delivery service and a 6 month warranty.

We work on all makes of Skoda including: Fabia (6Y), Fabia (5J), Octavia (1U), Octavia (1Z), Roomster (5J), Superb (3T), Superb (3U) and Yeti (5L)

We offer a 72 hour service for Diamond Cutting, standard finish and for a custom finish, subject to the condition of your wheels.
When we have completed the whole process, the alloys will look like new! On top of this we offer 6 months warranty against any paint/powder coat defect.
  1. We remove the wheels of your vehicle.
  2. The tyres are then removed.
  3. The Alloys are placed in the acid strip bath until all the paint is removed.
  4. We then Sand Blast or Aqua Blast the wheels to remove all the acid and loose paint.
  5. Damage on the alloy is then removed using numerous techniques.
  6. The alloys are then placed in our oven and heated up.
    We then primer the alloys and bake them again.
  7. The primer is then ‘flattened off’ to ensure a perfect paint finish.
  8. The alloys are then heated up again and painted in the colour of your choice and baked off again.
  9. We then lacquer the alloys to ensure a solid finish and bake them one final time.
  10. The alloys are left to cool before they have the tyres refitted.
  11. We finally balance the refurbished wheels and fit them back to your vehicle.
  12. Ready for you to collect.
Whenever you replace or fit tyres, we recommend replacing the valves. As part of the standard price list, rubber valves are included free of charge. Alternative valves such as metal, chromed sleeved, hidden, or small rubber are available at an extra charge. We accept no responsibility for leaks from old valves that have been refitted at the customer’s request.
We can either, match your alloys previous colour or we can repaint/powder coat the alloys to your desired colour. including; black, silver, grey, pink, blue, orange & many more.

No, maybe one day.

Our customers travel to our workshop for the best Skoda alloy wheel refurb in the area.

Our technicians match the painted finish and lacquer as closely as possible to the other wheels and the customer’s request. It may not always be possible to achieve an exact match and the final result will be subjective. Our recommendation is to refurbish all four wheels at the same time to achieve a set that matches.